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The deadline to submit proposal is extended to October 28th at 17:00:00 CEST!


Dear students,

notwithstanding the uncommon situation we faced and are facing this year, we decided to offer, and support, the opportunity to perform RAISESEE internships even in 2020!

We will support mobility with the RAISESEE PRIZE, as usual, but with some novelties.

In 2020 there are 3 types of internships:

1. in presence international internships (i.e. you’ll be hosted in the premises of a project partner, located in a foreign country, for approx. 1 week)

2. in presence domestic internships (i.e. you’ll be hosted in the premises of a national project partner for approx. 1 week)

3. remote internships (i.e. build an international teams of students and develop your project with national/international project partners)

Apply for our 1000 or 500 euro prizes [deadline 21 October!]

Read carefully the call and prepare all documents; Contact RAISESEE researchers (see Annex 1) to define your project; Build your Team using the “RAISESEE TEAMS - STUDENTS’ MATCHING FORM”; Describe your project using the form (Annex 2),

good luck!

All the best,

Vladimiro Dal Santo

RAISESEE coordinator

EIT RawMaterials is one of the Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KIC) of the EIT (European Institute of Innovation and Technology) funded by the European Commission. It unites more than 120 partners along the RawMaterials value chain – academic and research institutions as well as industry– from more than 20 European countries. Its six Innovation Hubs across Europe (also called Co-location Centres - CLCs) aim at fostering innovation across the regional ecosystems of industry, research institutions and universities.

Istituto di scienze e tecnologie chimiche “Giulio Natta”of the National Research Council of Italy (hereinafter CNR-SCITEC) is the project coordinator of the RAISESEE RIS project, and will manage the “RAISESEE PRIZE FOR STUDENTS STAGES 2020” on behalf and for all the project partners (including task partners). The CNR-SCITEC will transfer the “RAISESEE PRIZE FOR STUDENTS STAGES 2020” prize amounts to the winners.

RAISESEE is a project funded by EIT RawMaterials. It unites 11 partners along the RawMaterials value chain – academic and research institutions as well as industry– from 8 European countries, including ESEE countries.

The “RAISESEE PRIZE FOR STUDENTS STAGES 2020” is a funding instrument dedicated to support mobility of the students, settled in the countries where RAISESEE project partners are located, during stages performed at foreign hosting institutions (RAISESEE project partners) listed in Annex 1, in the current year 2020.

The aim of the “RAISESEE PRIZE FOR STUDENTS STAGES 2020” is to provide support to students to cover, at least partially, costs related to stages in foreign hosting institutions, such as travel, accommodation, etc.

 PRIZE OF1,000.001,000.001,000.00(ONE THOUSAND) EUR EACH

PRIZE OF1,000.001,000.001,000.00(ONE THOUSAND) EUR EACH


Opening of the submission:

21 September 2020  at 17:00:00 CEST

Closing date for submission:

28 October 2020 at 17:00:00 CEST

Applications must be sent by email to , the email object line should report “Application to RAISESEE PRIZE FOR STUDENTS STAGES 2020 – CALL 1”. Applications must be readable, accessible and printable.
In order for applications to be considered valid, candidates must submit a letter of motivation, a letter of support and authorization of the school, an EU CV, a list ranking up to 3 preferred foreign and/or domestic hosting institutions, and declare their preference for “in presence” or “remote” internship.
Students’ teams should choose a team leader, who will submit the application on behalf of all team members.
In case of previous experience in the Raw Materials sector, such as:
- attendance to national and international courses,
- workshops,
- stages,
attendance certificates and/or support letter by supervisors from the home country hosting institution should be submitted with the application.
Candidates less than 18 (eighteen) years old must include a parental authorization in the submission. Incomplete applications may be considered inadmissible if essential elements are missing.
All the documents should be provided in English.

Rules of contest" document below.

Please take care:

Send only *.pdf files! *.doc or *.docx file are not eligible format!

Download the Full Rules of Contest 2020 - CALL 1 !