The study program Chemistry through the RAISESEE project hosted in the period 26.10.-02.11.2019. young high school student from Tallinn, Estonia, Andres Sakk. Andres is one of the winners of the RAISESEE PRIZE Award, which is awarded to 10 students from all over Europe who compete with their essays and ideas in the field of natural resources. The highlights of the program for the young intern were:

  • Visit to the dry distillation industry "Distillation a.d." Teslić
  • Visit to the Faculty of Mining in Prijedor and the iron mine "ArcelorMittal Prijedor" in Omarska
  • Visit to the factory of colours and paint “Colorit”
  • Visit to the lubricant factory "Tehnosint" in Laktaši
  • His participation in preparation for the Science Festival (the intern studied and systematized the collection of demestic natural minerals with chemistry teachers)
  • Visit to the Ethno Museum "Ljubačke Doline" in which the intern studied the rich collection of minerals of this institution

The students of SP Chemistry made a sincere effort to integrate the intern into the work at the faculty and to socialize with him, so that he can bring pleasant memories and new knowledge from our country, not only about industry and raw materials, but also about our culture. From his, side, Andres held a very informative presentation about the history, culture and development of his country.

This program continues over the next three years and our Faculty is expected to receive a significant number of young interns from abroad and to send students from Republika Srpska to the internship with consortium partners across Europe.